Syrniki – aka Russian pancakes

These pancakes are delicious, protein packed and low in fat. Like crepes they are delicious both as a savoury or sweet meal or snack. They are also pretty damn healthy given the taste they pack - this is thanks to their base of the naturally fat free quark cheese, a healthy almost yoghurt-like cheese. They … Continue reading Syrniki – aka Russian pancakes

Avocado, pineapple and chicken salad-rice pot

This quick lunch salad brings you some flavours of the Caribbean to your lunch! It is easy to make the day before and keeps great in the fridge. Light and healthy, with fresh fruity overtones from the pineapple, it's sure to make your day better! For me, this recipe fits my life and health goals … Continue reading Avocado, pineapple and chicken salad-rice pot