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Hello and welcome to Eggs on Toast!

The aim of this blog is to show that simple recipes using delicious easy-to-find ingredients can be turned into mouth watering and healthy food. No fuss, minimal washing up, maximal flavour!

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Why ‘Eggs on Toast’?

The name comes from the fact that I’m often told by my Mother that as a toddler she’d find me frying my own eggs in the kitchen – much, I’m sure, to social services delight! I’m not sure I ever made toast to go with them but my love of eggs and the delicious simplicity they represent continues!

Why the blog?

I work a busy job, sometimes with funny hours, and I find cooking, alongside my other hobbies of running and boardgames, a relaxing way to unwind.

I thought, therefore, that I’d start a blog that essentially chronicles what I cook day-to-day as a memento for me. Hopefully it will be a fun project, and maybe someone else will get some joy from it as well.

Why do I cook what I cook?

There are a lot of flavours I’ve tried or grown up with that I really enjoy – and I love experimenting to try and re-create those experiences.

Be it the ‘cooked by a toddler’ fried eggs, all the homegrown vegetables my mum used to make me eat from our allotment, or more recent experiences travelling in Asia and South America. Increasingly I relish really fresh salads, fish and seafood, and strong but relatable flavours like the sour lime, the heat of chilli and the saltiness of a quality cheese.

Healthy food is delicious, but this isn’t a #cleaneating blog

I cook what I enjoy and what I want to eat. I do have a focus on what I perceive as healthy food – for me that is food that uses a lot of fresh fruit and veg, wholegrains and healthy oils, good fibre and protein content, with minimal sugar and is generally tending towards vegetarian/pescatarian.

I do, however, love ice cream, beer and duck…

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Everything on this site I have cooked and enjoyed! So I hope you can also do the same, if that’s what you want to do.

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If you do happen to cook something, and you do happen to enjoy it then please let me know! If you don’t happen to enjoy it, or something went wrong please also comment or use the contact form at the top of the page and let me know as I’d love to have a chance to improve my recipes!

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