Homemade oat milk, oat cream and flavoured oat milk

Oat milk is delicious and healthy, but not cheap! Its low calorie, provides good carbs to keep you full, it’s vegan, has plenty of vitamins and minerals and oats are a grain that are good for cholesterol!

Apart from being expensive it can also be hard to find. And it’s annoying when you run out, and the only shop that sells it is a 2 mile walk (I don’t have a car) away.

If this problem sounds like your kind of problem, then I have a solution for you!!

Heres my oat milk, delicious in a dark coffee

This is a two ingredient recipe, for 1 litre of oat milk, with plenty of options for additions for different flavour profiles.

Recipe info:

Time – around 1 hour, mostly this is soaking time. Actual work is more like 5 minutes.

Ease – very easy

Calories – the whole batch will be 350-400 calories, which is 35-40 calories per 100ml

Basic recipe ingredients:

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 litre of water

(I normally add a pinch of salt as well as a date and a teaspoon of vanilla essence to my standard milk – see the options below the basic recipe)

Basic recipe method:

  • Add the water and oats to a blender, leave them there for at least 30mins but up to an hour to soak. You can also soak in a different container of course.
  • Blend until smooth!

I advise that you then sieve the milk, if you want a clear smooth liquid milk. Or you can leave all the fibrous bits in (they’re good for your health after all!!).

Sieving gets all this debris out – actually makes a very tasty oatmeal if you keep it to one side, or even dry it out and use it as oat flour!

Keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. Delicious in cereal, as a drink, in smoothies, or in your coffee!

The finished product!

The milk will separate a little in the fridge, this isn’t a problem, just give it a shake before you serve!

Additional options:

Date sweetened milk: adding 1-3 dates to the blender will create a naturally sweetened and slightly treacley taste

Honey sweetened milk: for straight up sweetness, but still will a natural vibe, try a single tbsp of honey. Add more if needed.

Vanilla flavoured milk: a single teaspoon of vanilla extract is enough for a delicious aroma

Chocolate milk: adding half a tbsp of cocoa powder or nibs will give you some delicious chocolate undertones, you can combine with the sweetened options too.

Oat cream – Use 2-3 cups of milk to create something more like cream – great for desserts and coffee.

Banana milk: a single banana in the initial mix with a couple of dates makes a light and refreshing banana milk. This won’t keep as long in the fridge, use in a couple of days.

Gallery of uses:

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